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December 22 2014


Astrology from the Iranian Conflict


Currently there is unrest in Iran. The conservative Ahmedinajad, backed by the ruling clerical elite, claim a real election and detractors claiming voter fraud. This has been a catalyst for riots which is becoming more and more out of control as well as a few of the Mullahs (agents with the clerical oligarchy) are now marching with protesters. - Iran

Of course astrology can have this clearly, let's quickly see what is going on.

You can find three main things happening here:
1. Saturn return to the February 1, 1979 Iran Chart (The existing Islamic Republic of Iran going on February 1, 1979)
2. Jupiter retrograde w / Neptune in Aquarius. Jupiter is the planet of philosophies and religion, Aquarius will be the manifestation of social reform to see to the dignity of - the normal man. Greater than another sign, Aquarius is related to Democracy.
3. Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries, a sign of courageously defending our principles with passion and enthiusiasm. In Vedic Astrology Aries will be the sign of the Rajasic warrior, the active fighter - whereas Sagittarius and Leo (the pother fire signs) would be the symbol of the Sattwic warrior (bringing nobility for the cause). There's no Tamasic warrior.

First of all several dates which can be important.
June 12, 2009 is a crucial date because it was the Iranian election day.
June 15, the very first day of violent protests and civilian deaths, can also be important.

On June 12 the Moon entered sidereal Capricorn, joined the Sun, Mercury and exalted Mars within the February 12, 1979 Iranian Chart. It is indeed my feeling a Capricorn ascendant is regarded as the accurate for your Iranian Chart - causeing this to be Moon on election day as being in the first house.

Now makes a Capricorn ascendant - w/ Sun, Mercury, Mars inside the first house - Saturn within the 8th house with Rahu - Moon in Pisces within an exchange with exalted Jupiter. Venus the 5th and 10th house ruler within the 12th house. This chart describes a militant, closed, fear based and conservative regime - and one propped up by imposing religious ideology (Jupiter, 3rd and 12th lord exchanging with Moon, 5th lord). The government even went as far as to issue state sanctioned killings of writers, supporting terrorism and "jihaad" and advocating wiping Israel off the map.

I will be now using this rising sign since the Iran Chart, (7AM) not time of 9:30 AM i have experienced posted before.

The moon might have transited total three planets inside the ascendant on election day - The sun's rays, 8th house ruler - Mercury, 6th and 9th house ruler and Mars, 4th and 11th house ruler. Additionally, Rahu has elevated the Iranian first house since May 2008, showing the chance of political fracture and reinvention (also nuclear energy).

On February 15 Jupiter turned retrograde, with the Moon having just transited on the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction yesterday - this transit happening in egalitarian Aquarius. Jupiter retrograde in exact addition to Neptune is extremely powerful as Jupiter turns retrograde for near to five months on this day - he previously been stationed for several weeks - moving very slowly. Jupiter shows our philosophies and the retrograde motion shows things burning, being reflected upon and internalized.

The influence of Neptune brings a wish to dissolve boundaries and illusion and fasten to something higher and much more worthy. In truth, I've a trouble with the typical interpretation of Neptune being a higher octave of Venus and see it a lot more related to Jupiter - as in the end - Jupiter may be the co-ruler of Pisces (Neptune's supposed sign) NOT Venus.

Jupiter is the planet of abstraction and philosophy, much like Neptune - Venus is quite worldly,... but we'll leave that debate for the next time.

So, if we have all of the mystical dreamy desire to dissolve boundaries then why the violence and authoritative backlash. Well, where there is violence there is Mars - Where there is authoritative response there is certainly Saturn.

By transit Venus started to close on Mars, eventually surpassing him on the horizon. In fact when this crisis began Venus was behind Mars in the Sky and now she actually is past him, with a higher amount of celestial longitude. This crisis has unfolded amidst a brand new Mars/Venus cycle. Venus and Mars made this same conjunction in Sidereal Aries in 1979. During those times Iranian women popularized the streets to protest the edicts passed down by the Ayatollah and women's rights protests started throughout the middle east and Japan that year and the Mars/Venus cycle perfected in Aries.

Remember that a Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries will show issues related to women's rights.

Specifically on June 19, Venus, Mars and the Moon joined at exactly 19 of Sidereal Aries. Venus and Mars danced round the exact same degree so far (June 23). On Saturday June 20 a young Iranian woman, Neda, was slain inside the streets and features become a martyr for larger social causes.

The Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries ( a masculine warrior sign and said) indicates the risk to women (Venus) and also the potential to empower them after tragedy.

Since that time there is an increase in stature and notoriety of Iranian women in this struggle, long oppressed and marginalized - they are becoming the heroines. this part of the conflict will require on new life. A global rallying cry for Arab females and greater tolerance follows. This unrest over the election is shaking ab muscles first step toward fundamentalism in Iran. This really is shown by the Saturn return happening in the February 12, 1979 Iran Chart.

On the inception with the Islamic Republic of Iran Saturn and Rahu were in Leo, exactly the same position of transiting Saturn on the horizon now. This shift is interesting when viewed in relation to the current US election and the rise with the Democratic party. The usa election of 1980 ushered in the era of Reagan and his awesome republican agenda, which is now just about dead. The fortunes of Ronald Reagan were closely tied to the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979. This crisis was one of the most visceral symbol of Jimmy Carter's failure to lead and encourage. - Iran

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